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Compaq Mini 110c-1010EE Laptop Price in Pakistan

Compaq introduced its mini laptop model  Mini 110c-1010EE in Pakistan for the new year 2011 at a very cheaper price. It is designed in a new style and is totally different from other mini laptops which is now available all over the world including Pakistan. This Mini Laptop has a full size keyboard which can be used very easily and quickly as compared to other mini laptops.This MinI Laptop can guaranty you of long run battery plus its durability for longer time period.

compaq mini

Basic Specifications of Compaq Mini 110c-1010EE Laptop

Processor: It has a latest processor of 1.6 GHz Atom N270 Processor which will run your Mini Laptop very speedily.

Dardisk: Compaq Mini Laptop has 160 GB HardDisk.

Ram: Compaq Mini has 1GB Ram.

Camera: Yes, it has also a latest camera which can be used for taking pictures plus as a web cam.

Wifi: Yes Compaq Mini has also a very good Wifi System plus LAN Card.

Bluetooth: It has also bluetooth facility.

Battery: It has 3 Cell Battery.

Warranty: Compaq Mini has 1 year full warranty.

Price: In Pakistan it’s Price is just Rs. 33000/-

As compare to other laptops introduced by other companies this one is quite affordable. Just a few days ago dell introduced dell inspiron mini netbook, and hp introduced hp slate tablet.

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