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EcoStar LCD 520 Price in Pakistan- Specifications

In Pakistan the best selling LCD television sets are EcoStar LCD because they are the most affordable and durable LCDS in Pakistan and it can fulfill all your estimated expectations about an LCD.  Recently  ecoStar has leaked another latest LCD and LED model and that is LCD 520 in Pakistan and are easily available at an affordable price.

They are available in 19 inch size and are fully high definition LCD which gives you high quality of picture and makes your tv lounge more prettier than before. It has motion engine which allows you to rotate it in any direction in which you want to rotate.

You can also share movies, songs, pictures and visual videos with this LCD and can use it in a best way. It also allows you to convert your LCD to your personal high speed multi media hub.

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ecostar lcd


Specifications Of EcoStar LCD 520

  • The screen size of this LCD is 19 inch.
  • It has built in speakers.
  • It is full HD 1080 P.
  • It has usb port.
  •  This LCD has also motion engine.
  • It has latest HDMI.
  • It is fully energy saving LCD.
  • It has also image refinery feature.
  • It has ONE year full warranty.

Price in Pakistan: RS.43500/-

The best and amazing LCD by EcoStar ever in Pakistan. This is the reason why here in Pakistan , people like EcoStar LCD so much.

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