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Warid Minute Package Introduced- Full Details

Warid has introduced the most economical package called  Warid’s Minute Package for it’s customers which cost just Rs. 1.20/min to all mobile plus landline numbers in Pakistan. Now you can talk all the time on just Rs. 1.20/min and talk as much as you can to your  friends  and family having no tension of  balance or credit termination in the middle of  chat. Warid Minute Package is not stop here, now you can add TWO  numbers of your own choice of your friends and family and call at just Rs. 1/min all the time from your warid number and talk with them as long as you wish.

Warid Minute Package Tariffs

warid minute package

Warid Minute Package Features

  • Warid Minute Package is for all post and prepaid customers of warid.
  • For activation dial 321 from your warid number or simply send MP on 5060 at Rs. 25+tax.
  • You will be charged per minute billing plus tax.
  • You can add 2 fnf numbers in this package and call them at Rs. 1+tax/minute.
  • To change, add or delete yor fnf number you will be charged Rs. 7 per number.
  • To add or delete your fnf number type ADD or DEL and send it on 129 at Rs. 2+tax per number.
  • You can also avail crazy hour package.
  • The rates for Crazy Hour Offer are, from 11pm to 4.59pm you will charged 4 rupees  per hour plus tax while from 5pm to 10.59pm you will be charged 8 rupees per hour plus tax.
  • To activate Crazy Hour Package just type 9pm and send it on 2742.
  • You can also avail Warid Zoom Package by dialing 321.
  • You can also use GPRS plus MMS on this package.
  • For un-subscription dial 321 from your warid number.

Conditions Applicable

  • SIM without proper registration is a crime by PTA.
  • For Warid Minute Package  19.5%  charges are applicable.
  • For withholding 10% charges are applicable.
  • Call reaching 50 minutes will be automatically disconnected.
  • All activation charges will be included.

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